Increase Chances of Winning the Lottery You can increase chances of winning the lottery with the help of the mathematical formula by working with the probability of the numbers. All the lottery system uses the basic principles and the strategies to follow. Winning the lottery game is based on the luck and the probability of the numbers. In the United States individuals of all age groups are scratching the lottery tickets and the lottery sales have increased to billion dollars. It is not fully dependent on luck you have to use the skills to perform the game. There are some tips involved with the mathematics on how to win the lottery like there is a chance if you choose the three even numbers and the three odd numbers along with equal number of low valued and the high valued balls. Luck will be the major factor to win the game but you can also put some efforts from your side. The numbers are the best choice and you have to choose the proper numbers to win the jackpot. Picking the winning lotto numbers is easy and for the new users the system will be a little confusing and frustrating so with proper guidance you can easily resolve the lottery game easily. You cannot win all the times you play with the same numbers so be careful in choosing the numbers. Choose the number of the balls and estimate the number of outcomes before starting the game. The practice makes to win the game easily.